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Let’s face it, sometimes product use can be confusing. You must be able to tell customers how best to use your product in order to keep them satisfied. Customers must also how to maintain a product in order to reduce returns and service cost. Even disclaimers detailing the potential hazards of misuse must be covered for liability’s sake.

This is where a printed assembly, service, user, and instruction manuals come into play. We can handle just about any of your instruction manual printing needs. You can rest easy knowing your important product information is being addressed.

How We Can Help

Whether your instruction manuals are  simple cards, complexly folded brochures, or bound books, our machinery is well tailored to provide you with whatever type of instruction materials you may need. Located in central Kentucky near two major interstates, we are ideally situated to ship quickly and affordably to any facility in the continental U.S. Also available to you is a talented design team on hand that is capable of removing much of the headache of getting your file formatted and ready to print. As per the product, here’s a few things you may want to consider and which we can offer you:

-Finishing: Your instruction manuals can be saddle-stitched, perfect bound, or folded in a number of ways. If it’s a folded piece, there are certainly many types of folds we can do. While not a complete list, here’s a couple of the more common folds we do:

-Paper Type: While we can do cover-weight paper, unless your instruction manual is a card, we recommend using either glossy or non-glossy light, text-weight paper as such cuts down on the bulk of the product as well as the cost. However, if you have a particular application in mind, such as needing the manual to stand up to harsh elements, be sure to talk to one of our representatives to see how we can help!


-Size: While we can do just about any size your heart desires, common sizes include 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 11x17, and 11x22 for folded manuals. Bound instruction manuals are more commonly finished to 4.25x5.5, 5.5x8.5, 6x9, or 8.5x11.

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