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Bags are one of those things for which the options just depend upon your use. For example, if you want them to be re-used, you should consider canvas instead of paper. You get the idea. Here are some of the more common things you may want to consider:

-Material: White Paper, Kraft Paper, Plastic, or Canvas

-Handles: Rope, Die Cut, Straps, or no handles at all

-Size: Can be done in a large variety of sizes — anywhere from pharmaceutical bags all the way to large tote bags. Obviously, the size will be dependent on what you plan to put in them. But, to give you an idea, some of our more common sizes include 13“x7“x13” and 13“x7“x17” take-out bags, 16“x18“x4” plastic bags, and 15“x13“x10” totes.

Specific File Tips

Bags can be produced with a variety of methods, including offset and digital printing methods — which offer very good image quality. However, many are also produced with some specialty print methods. As such, we recommend being very mindful of the level of detail you are putting into your design. Sometimes the simplest designs are the best designs. We recommend not using less than a 16 point font and no less than strokes of 1 point (2 point for reverse images) for most designs. You also will typically need to provide artwork in a vector format like an .ai or .eps. It is also helpful to make sure you are only using spot colors in your design.

What’s Vector?

If you have questions as to your design or feel you cannot meet these guidelines, please contact us to see how we can help. We are also more than happy to design it for you to ensure you get a result that makes your organization look like the professionals you are.