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Maybe you just need something with your phone number on it. Perhaps you need appointment cards to remind people to see you again. Or, maybe you need an elegant display piece that is as professional as you are! Whatever your needs, we have a number of options to suit you:

-Ink Options: The most common is simple, flat ink in either spot colors or full color process. You can also get raised lettering and foil stamped cards for a highly professional look.

-Paper: We commonly print cards that are glossy on one side — which is great if you want something that is slick but still be able to write down information on the back, glossy on two sides, unglossy, and linen papers.

-Format & Sizes: 2“x3.5″ is the most common as it fits well in a wallet and card holder, although we certainly can do different sizes if need be. We can also give you fold-over business cards and rounded-corner cards.

Unlike many printers, we tend to print our business cards in short runs with few cards ganged to a sheet — this allows us to pay particular attention to your card. What this gets you is a consistent card from one order to the next. If you’re needing to order many cards for several people in your company, our way of producing your business cards gives you a result that can only add to the consistency of your branding efforts.

Specific File Tips

Business cards are usually pretty straight forward, but we see more simple problems with business card files than we do just about any other job type. As always, make sure you use bleed and try to make sure you’re using a vector format logo. More information on this can be found in the dedicated File Tips pages.

File Tips

We also recommend not putting anything you don’t want cut off too close to the edge of the sheet and normally recommend allowing margins of 3/16 of an inch. It’s for such reasons we’ve provided some templates in common file types and in the most common business card size to help you out.

InDesign 2x3.5 Business Card Template

PDF 2x3.5 Business Card Template

Publisher 2x3.5 Business Card Template

To download templates:

Step 1: Click on the version you want to use.

Step 2: Select a convenient place on your computer to store the file and save it there.

Step 3: Find the downloaded file in your computer. Right click on it and select extract all.

Step 4: Select a convenient place on your computer to store the resulting file click the Extract button.

Step5: Open the template stored in the extracted file and use as desired.

*The above workflow is based of downloading from Google Chrome. Other browsers may differ slightly.