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Kentucky Printing started off as a business supply company in the early 1970’s. Soon people started asking for printing orders, which were outsourced to outside commercial printers. As this part of the store grew, finding printers who could provide the turnaround times and quality product that we wanted to provide became harder and harder.

So, by 1978, Kentucky Printing as we know it today was born to fill this need. Before long, Kentucky Printing was doing just about anything one can image involving ink on paper. From common magazines and newsletters to specialty items, we could suit just about any company’s needs. We earned a reputation as one of Kentucky’s premier printers for being able to effectively manage clients’ projects in a timely manner.

Seeking to better serve clients, the Berea shop was opened in 1981. It allowed us to work even closer with many of our customers. In 2005, Kentucky Printing entered the world of digital printing. No longer did all color jobs need to go to an offset Heidelberg press to produce high‐quality, full color work. Smaller run jobs could be ran digitally. This allowed for even faster turnaround times and an affordable price point on shorter runs. This shift to digital — along with a robust organizational culture and great people — has allowed us to grow through today and into the future.