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So you’ve sold out that show or sporting event. Then, along with those programs you had printed, you’ll also be needing tickets to help organize and control that show. Be it raffle tickets, show and event admission tickets, sports tickets, or what have you, we’ve got options sure to please. Below are a few things to consider.

-Size and Layout: 1“x2”, 2“x2“1.5“x5”, 2“x5.5″, 2.5“x 4.25″, and 3.5“x8.5″ are common, but custom sizes are available. Consider if you wish for your audience to be able to write on them, such as in the stub of a raffle ticket. For such, you may want to go with a larger size and you may want the perforation placed in a way that gives your audience additional writing room. Also, we have seen some clients sell advertisements for the back of the tickets, which is a great way for advertisers to reach a wide array of people and to help you cover the costs. 


-Binding: While most come loose, we can do them in rolls or provide tickets padded or stapled in sets for easier handling.


-Numbering: What are tickets’ main function? To better manage your audience. Hence, they’re going to need to be numbered. We can do this in a number of ways. You can have them numbered with just a simple matching number on both the stub and ticket — such as most raffle tickets. Or, you can have more complex methods used for large events that detail the day, the time, the section, the row, and the individual seat.