Offset Printing


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Offset printing (aka offset lithography) is a traditional printing process based upon the principle that oil and water do not mix. To save you a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo, let’s just say there’s a fair amount of fixed expense in developing plates and such. But, once it’s set up and that fixed expense recovered, it is inexpensive to print compared to printing methods like digital printing.

So, if you need thousands upon thousands of something, it’s the method of choice. It’s also know for super high quality. Offset printing is the choice printing method for long run, high quality magazines, newsletters, tags, Rx pads, invoices, pocket folders, envelopes, brochures, forms, instruction manuals, and more.

Our offset printing also gives us a great degree of flexibility. We can print a large sheet with this method — up to 26“x40” — so that makes this ideal for jobs like longer run posters, targets, and over-sized brochures. Offset allows us to use specialized upscale inks (like metallic inks and heavy-duty inks) and run spot colors for exact color matching. Furthermore, we can use a wide range of stock with out offset machinery. Vinyls and heavy cardstocks become an option for you with offset printing.