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Want to get your business noticed? Promotional items can help. You can see all the items we can offer you in the box at the bottom of this page. But, it can be a little overwhelming, so here are some of the more common items:

Pens: Our most popular pens include the traditional BIC Click Stick (item #123S), the stylus pen (#331), the BIC round stic (#RS), the Javalina (#322), and the BIC Grip Roller Pen (#GR). Common pen ink colors include black, red, and blue.


Promotional Items - Pens

Sticky Notes:  Want your message to “stick” around? Consider getting some custom sticky notes. The most popular size is square 2.75“x3” (item #P2M3A100), but they do come in a number of sizes and shapes.


Promotional Item - Sticky Note

Bottles & Drinkware: Everything from bottles (e.g. item #BIKE20) to glasses (e.g. item #MIXGLASS) to stadium cups (e.g. item #STDCUP16 ) to Styrofoam cups (e.g. item #S12) are something we can do.


Promotional Materials - Water Bottles

Business Card Magnets: There are a number of sizes we can get in magnets, but 2“x3.5″ (item #841000130) is the most common size.

Promotional Material - Business Card Magnets